The Leash


The Signe Louka leash was conceived for the urban dog with an active social life, and in need of a vibrant, unique and trendy fashion accessory. Perfect for the dog who enjoys personalizing their style according to mood, activity or season, all the while seeking an exclusive product with finesse – without any compromise to safety.


An Unmistakable Signature Look


The unmistakable signature look of all Signe Louka leashes are the result of a unique, playful mix oaf differing leather widths, colours, patterns and textures. Each section is connected by a unifying solid O-ring. Likewise, exclusive and beautiful optional snap-on bow or flowers are available from the Snap-On Accessories Collection. Each handmade tie or flower is interchangeable with each and every Signé Louka leash with matching snap. In addition to design and style, all products incorporate innovative features to create a fashionable product which is at the same time practical, safe and perfect for the urban dog.

Snap-On Leash Accessorie


Handcrafted from premium quality leather, these interchangeable and versatile snap-on accessories come in a variety of colors and finishes. Mix & match for the perfect compliment to a stylish Signe Louka leash. Each bow and flower are finished with a durable snap-on button to fit securely into the matching snap of the leash handle, for a seamless look. Each accessory is also finished with a small elastic that wraps around the handle and attaches with a discrete snap at the back for extra support.

All snap-on leash accessories can only be attached to leashes with optional matching snap-on buttons.



SIZE 8,5 cm length x 5cm height



SIZE Approx 5,5cm diameter

Handle Options


Signa Louka offers two different choices of finishing hardware for the handle – rivet or snap. The rivet option finishes the handle with 3 solid nickel-finished rivets, perfectly aligned and in themselves a beautiful and simple accent to the leather – perfect for those not anticipating the use of any snap-on bow tie or flower accessory. The snap option is comprised of two nickel-finished rivets separated by 1 snap, all perfectly aligned. This snap is required to use one of our interchangeable snap-on leash accessories.


Leash Size and Models


Leashes are available in wide or narrow widths, for large or small dogs. The thickness of the leather will also vary accordingly the widths of the leash the small can be between 3 to 4 and 3,5 to 4, between 3 or 3.5 – 4 mm (⅛ – 3/16 inch). In all cases, the total length of the leash, including clasp, is approximately 1.22 m (48 inches). Signé Louka leashes are available in two distinct models, “Montreal” and “Toronto”, representing the number of different leather sections making up the leash; Montreal is comprised of 3 sections and Toronto 4 sections. The handle size as been carefully chosen and tested to fit in the palm of your hand for a secure and comfortable hold on your dog.

Urban Use


For those walking in the city, a stylish handmade leather poop-bag holder clips onto the leash’s O-ring (holds a standard roll of small plastic poop bags (not included)). Or, clip your house keys to the O-ring and travel light! It’s also easily to tie your dog around a parking meter without making a knot in you leash or uncliping your dog – the clasp will easily reach around to the O-ring to keep everything secure. You can step inside to buy your coffee with peace of mind knowing a knot won’t come loose and that your dog is secure.