Unique & chic
leather dog accessories for small to large breeds

Signé Louka is a unique and innovate design, reflecting the ultimate city-lifestyle dog accessory for small to large breeds. Everyday classics accented with a sense of madness. Born of the philosophy to be practical and safe, while allowing to the dog and it’s owner to display a cool, easy, chic look with a unmistake signature style.


What are you looking for?
Leash, collar, snap-on leash accessory,
poop-bag, bow tie?

Every model is produced
in small quantities.
Every season, Signé Louka pushes the boundaries by offering a new, exciting and trendy collection.

Mix & Match your leash easily at any time
with snap-on leash accessories


Discover an eclectic array of colourful handmade masterpieces.
Snap-on flower and bow ties are interchangeable with any leash with a matching snap.


Made from only the finest leather and materials that will stand the test of time. From concept to finished product, every step is handcrafted in our Montreal workshop, adhering to the highest standards. Particular attention is paid to the smallest details of craftsmanship and nothing is left to chance.

An Unmistakable Signature Style


Signé Louka leashes are the result of a unique, playful mix of different leather widths, colours, patterns and textures. In addition to an exclusive design and style, the leash incorporates innovative features and accessories to create a fashionable and one-of-a-kind style.

Discover our favorites


Time to Walk, Play & Bark
Travel Light!


The O-ring is the perfect place to clip your house keys, and to attach one of our stylish poop-bag holders. Step inside for coffee in peace of mind: Your dog is securely waiting for you. The leash quickly attaches to a parking meter or other fixture – without unclipping your dog. The clasp easily reaches around and locks onto the O-ring for a secure connection that won’t come loose.

Get to know the Signé Louka Muse


Signé Louka is insptired by dogs selected through application and contest. The resulting collections reflect their personality and style.

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Rex is a young and handsome German Shepard. With a sophisticated look . reminiscent of a high class gentleman – one who’s image will be complemented with a simple but chic Signe Louka classic design.


Bella is a natural during a photo shoot and loves to shine in the gentle and a real sweetheart. The combination of pink and purple in this collection is a perfect match for Bella’s personality.


Cashmere was born to be too cute. He’s fun and a great companion. A colourful bow tie contrasting his light colour is a perfect fashion accessory for this confident boy